Q. How much does it cost to attend this event?

A. Each ticket is $40 but there is also a free virtual option via zoom. Ticket sales go towards directly toward the event and the youth scholarships.

Q. Should I dress up for this event?

A. Yes, this is a formal event. You are welcome to dress up if participating virtually as well.

Q. How do I nominate someone for this award?

A. The 2023 Nomination Form can be found here.

Q. Who has received this award in the past?

A. View the list of previous Hidden and Sheroes Award recipients below.

Q. What is the 2000 Millennium Project?

A. This Award recognizes an individual who brought to realization a goal of the Codman Square Millennium Report of 2000. This Report which was created from a community planning process aimed at getting people who live and work in the greater Codman Square area involved in describing their vision for the future of the neighborhood and gathering ideas to bring that vision to reality.