Board Members

2020 Board Members

The Council members elect the CSNC Board.  It is responsible for managing the affairs of the Council, reporting to the Council members and serving as the eyes and ears of the community.

Cynthia Loesch-Johnson (President)

Barbara Burgess

Marie St. Louis – (Treasurer)

Erica Davis

Joanna Edwards

Pamela Neal

Shawn Burgess

Keshler Sanon

Janice Bacon

Shamara Rhodes

Rev. Brilton Levy (Co-Vice President)

Affiliate Members:

Candice Gartley – All Dorchester Sports League

Stephanie Crawford – Propa City Community Outreach (Co-Vice President)

Marie Armel Theodat -Theodat Insurance

Marilyn Forman-Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp.

Daryl Golston – Points Event Committee

Mari Rojas – Tablot Norfolk Triangle

Sally Graham – Melville Park Association

Alphonze Knight-Second Church in Dorchester

Lisa Hamblin-Codman Square Health Center (Secretary)

Nate Horwitz-Willis-MCPHS Public Health

Mary Gregory – Habitat for Humanity

To nominate the 20201 Board, click here.

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