Board Members

2022 Board Members

The Council members elect the CSNC Board.  It is responsible for managing the affairs of the Council, reporting to the Council members and serving as the eyes and ears of the community.

Cynthia Loesch-Johnson (President)

Erica Davis (Vice President)

Marie St. Louis (Treasurer)

Amy Winter

Milton Bramble 

Shawn Burgess

Richard Scott

Kristina Pruitt

Vicma Desir

Rev. Brilton Levy 

Melissa Dagher 

Affiliate Members:

Shamara Rhodes- Boston Got Next

Leonard Lee – Melville Park Neighborhood Association

Jeffery Johnson – Dr. Loesch Family Park

Joanna Edwards -Thumbprint Cares

Marilyn Forman-Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp.

Meg Campbell – Codman Academy Charter Public School

Alphonse Knight-Second Church in Dorchester

Lisa Hamblin-Codman Square Health Center (Secretary)

Antoine Brewster- Crossroads Fellowship Church

Shannon McCormack – Habitat for Humanity

Barbara Burgess- Burgess Realty Group

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