Civic Leadership Award

Stafford Lewis

Stafford Hilton David Lewis is a 27-year resident of Four Corners who represents his community in both civics and enterprise. His journey from his native Antigua & Barbuda in the West Indies included stops in Michigan and Indiana, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History from Indiana Wesleyan University. While achieving his goal of becoming a Secondary Education teacher he was presented with other opportunities. His continued quest for higher education lured him to Boston where he arrived in 1983. Here Stafford navigated the intense and complex Boston professional landscape. His curious entrepreneurial spirit coupled with his thirst for learning propelled him into the real estate and building trades’ arena. This would become his new lifelong career, a path he continues to navigate today as the Owner and CEO of Alpha Building Construction & Development Corporation, a neighborhood-based Construction Company. Stafford is challenged daily to share his time in fulfilling his commitment to faith, family, education, enterprise, and community. 

Because he was raised with strong civic, religious, educational, and family values, Stafford has sought ways to enhance those values all his life. Landing on Washington Street in the Four Corners district has been the highlight of his time in Dorchester. With an established business and being a parent of three, Stafford is fully immersed in the affairs of the neighborhood. Stafford’s connection with former City Councilor Charles Yancey was developed through 12th Baptist Church, the Yancey Campaign, and the Annual Book Fair. Through that connection he was encouraged to become more active in the Harvard Washington Neighborhood Association in which he now serves as President. This became the catalyst for Stafford’s recruitment onto the Board of Directors of the Greater Four Corners Action Coalition for which he has served for 20 years, currently as President.