The Codman Square Health Council is an initiative of the Codman Square Neighborhood Council.



(Active residents of Codman Square)

Ashmont Hill

Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club

BOLD Teens

BOLD Seniors

Boston Alliance for Community Health

Boston Police (Codman Square Safe Streets Team)

Boston Public Health Commission

Boston Urban Asthma Coalition

Caritas Carney Hospital

Codman Square Health Center

Codman Square Library

Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corp.

Dorchester Neighborhood Service Center (ABCD)

Dorchester YMCA

Food Project

Greater Boston Regional Center for Healthy Communities

Greater Four Corners Action Coalition

Health Resources in Action

Lead Action Coalition

Kit Clark Senior Service

Melville Park Association

Mt. Washington Bank


Perkins Community Center

Roxbury Youth Works / DYS

Silverbrook Farm

Talbot Norfolk Triangle

UMASS Extension

Youth Development Network