Green Town

Green Town is an effort of the Codman Square Neighborhood Council and the BOLD Teens to Green Boston one neighborhood at a time. 

We are working with the City of Boston to “reduce green house gas emissions 25% by 2020” and “give special attention to segments of the Boston community that are more vulnerable because of lack of resources, poor health, age, or other reasons”.  Sparking Boston’s Climate Revolution Summary Report April 2010

Green Renovations

Working with the residents surrounding Cronin Playground now Dr. Loesch Family Park, we are providing education on climate change, energy audits, resources for green renovations and tracking improvements.

The initiative includes energy audits and home renovations with Next Step Living and Mass Save; education around  green landscape; connecting residents in caring about climate change, the environment, saving money  and more.

Green Development

The new development at 81 Brent  Street includes the sustainable efforts listed below.  The project has and continues to engage residents in understanding how to develop a green and healthy home.

Healthy Green Home:

•Eco friendly materials
•Efficient insulation
•Energy efficient appliances
•Photovoltaic and hot water panels
•Smart Home Meter
•Hardwood floors
•Single stream recycling
•Rainwater Harvesting System
•Sustainable Landscape
•Energy Star certification
•LEED certification- Platinum
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Green Park: Cronin Playground now Dr. Loesch Family Park

Working with the City of Boston and the Boston Parks Dept. we served as the community partners ensuring residents were engaged in the design and construction of the park with a focus on green features:
•High-efficiency lighting
•Low-emitting finishes
•Recycled materials
•Proper drainage
•Bike Racks
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