Millennium Award

Superintendent Nora Baston

Superintendent Baston is a 26-year veteran of the Boston Police Department who has served as a member of the command staff for 15 years and holds the civil service rank of Lieutenant Detective.  In 2007, Baston was appointed by then Commissioner Ed Davis to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of the Safe Street Teams Initiative and in 2018 she was appointed by Commissioner William Gross to the rank of Superintendent where she served as Chief of the inaugural Bureau of Community Engagement. Since joining the command staff she has also served as the department’s Homeless Liaison, Commander of the Community Support Division and Zone Commander for the Bureau of Field Services in charge of overseeing all three districts in Area E. Among her many accomplishments, she is most proud of having been the Commander of the Safe Street Teams Initiative, where under her leadership was recognized by the IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) in 2011 with the Community Policing Award and the Excellence in Law Enforcement Research Award. 

Superintendent Nora Baston has advanced through the ranks and is currently the Chief of the Bureau of Professional Development; as well as the 4th female appointed to the rank of Superintendent in the department’s history.  Prior to her current assignment she led the newly created Bureau of Community Engagement where she focused on strengthening connections with all communities and building trust between members of the Boston Police Department and those who they interact with. For over 18 years, Superintendent Baston has continued to develop deep and meaningful relationships with the community by engaging with all neighborhoods throughout the city of Boston. She is relentless in her dedication to bridging the gaps between the police and the community.  She has built lifelong partnerships and friendships through her work in all neighborhoods but her ability to mentor inner city youth is what she is most driven by. Superintendent Baston’s passion has created pathways of possibility for Boston youth to have positive interactions and community-based engagements with the Department, allowing them to see themselves as potential future officers, business leaders, non-profit leaders and role models of achievement, excellence and expertise.

Superintendent Nora Baston was instrumental in working in partnership with the BOLD Teens for the development of the Youth Police Connection thirteen years ago and she continues to focus on strengthening relationships between youth and the Boston Police Department.