Youth Leadership Award

James Massey

James Massey is a leader in his community. When he was young, like most youth, he realized the challenges he might face as a Black, Asian and LatinX young man and aimed to take on such challenges head on.  

With the help of his parents, James always pushed to achieve greatness.   He was encouraged to try everything, from sports, art, music and even fashion. As a result, he was able to find his passion for technology. This was sparked from his fixation on video games and social media.  He uses these platforms to express his perspectives and to help improve his community.  He is always advocating for his peers to not sit idly by and to get active in improving their lives and the community.

James hopes to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology to cultivate his passion for technology. He looks up to his older siblings one of which has graduated from an Ivy League school and another who was also a recipient of the Hidden Heroes and Sheroes scholarship and is now attending Suffolk University. 

James looks forward to making positive change in his community and the world through his passion for technology.