Request for Proposals for 
Trauma and Resilience Interventions 2016 


In an effort to move forward with one of the key Strategic Issues identified in the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) Health Planning Report, The Boston Alliance for Community Health is making up to $60,000 available for trauma response and resilience building efforts.
We know that these issues arise in different neighborhoods, have different causes and that community and faith-based organizations and coalitions have responded by doing a variety of interventions, including clinical treatment. We also know that many of those responses receive little or no funding despite the great need. This RFP is designed to help support aspects of community-based trauma responses that are not otherwise financially supported.
We have identified three specific areas that this one year funding opportunity will support:
  1. Distribution of stipends for trained community trauma responders (up to $20,000)
  2. Other expenses related to trauma response and community and family support in the aftermath of a traumatic event (up to $15,000)
  3. A Community-based Trauma and Resilience Community of Practice (up to $25,000)
Given that this is one-time funding, we hope to fund groups or organizations that are already involved in one or more of these areas listed above. The full Request for Proposals is available to be downloaded from the BACH website here.
BACH’s funding source for this opportunity is primarily from Boston hospitals through the Determination of Need Community Health Initiatives, which are required and overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
While we have made every effort to distribute this RFP widely, please feel free to forward this email to any organization you think may be interested in responding to this request for proposals.
Questions related to this RFP may be addressed to BACH’s Director, David Aronstein at
David Aronstein
BACH Director

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